Terms and Conditions

How to Play

Predict the 4 numbers (cross with a pen) that will be drawn out of the weekly
draw, this will take place every Sunday at the Barnstaple R.F.C Club House
at approx. 12.30pm. Please indicate which Sunday draw you want to enter
by putting the date of the draw on the ticket.

The correct guess could win up to 50% of the total fund of the Tote.

If no winner in any one week, then the prize fund will rollover to the fund for
the following week, and so on until there is a jackpot claim.

All monies and tickets MUST be submitted by Sunday 11am to be entered
into the draw that week. The draw will take place that day.

The promoters will not be held responsible for late entries. All proceeds
above and beyond expenses and prizes will be donated to Barnstaple R.F.C.

The maximum Jackpot prize will be captured at £10,000.

Prizes unclaimed after 3 months will be donated to Barnstaple R.F.C

If the amount of money taken exceeds the figure of £10,000 then the extra
money (50% of the weeks takings) will be put aside into a separate pot.
This will then be added to the Jackpot prize money for the next draw, which
will take place the week after the current draw is won.

The new Jackpot prize will be clearly shown on the weekly result sheets
which are posted on the club notice boards and online at:
www.barnstaplerfc.co.uk Contact: info.barnstaplerugby@gmail.com