Today the RFU released the final placings for the national and community leagues and calculated on a best playing record formula that they introduced and maintaining promotion and relegation for those leagues Barnstaple can look forward to rejoining National 2 South next season if indeed it goes ahead.

This is great news for the Chiefs and their supporters and a huge reward for Bryn Jenkins and his coaching team who have moulded the players into an irresistible force that not only lead the league by double digits before the season was so abruptly ended but had the second best points scored and the best defensive record in the league justifiably earning them the number 1 spot in the SW premier

Congratulations to everyone that has made this possible, to the coaches who crafted the team to play some great rugby, to all the players who put their bodies on the line every week, to the relentless unselfish work of all our dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly for the club to make match day such an enjoyable day of rugby, the sponsors whose bottomless pockets have helped immensely for Barnstaple Rugby to realise its dreams and finally you the loudest and most loyal supporters a club could ever want. We wait and see what next season brings and indeed when that season begins but for now everyone lets enjoy this great moment and milk it for as long as possible.

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