Morning campers and I hope this weekend’s blog finds you all well and finally looking forwards to some well-earned together time as the government is finally allowing groups of six people to meet from Monday, at last a little piece of normality is on the horizon, still a long way to go though so just keep it simple and use your common sense. It’s been awhile hasn’t it since the last update which to be honest was primarily about the season awards and what a fantastic response we had from that especially the vote for the supporters players of the year, so thank you to everyone that got involved.

Today’s blog is a quick catch up on what has been going on down the club, of which there has been plenty in preparation for when the season will be allowed to start, something we have no idea about as yet or in what format it will take place but the strong team of volunteers with their numbers bulked by a few additional members lending a hand are making sure the club is in the best possible condition for when that eventuality happens. Before that I have an appeal from Stewart Chugg for some every important works on the Guy Casey Stand


• For renovation work on the main stand carrying on       from last year.
• Safety Equipment will be provided
• Social Distancing adhered to at all times

If you can help please contact Stewart Chugg on

01271 343938 or his mobile 07415 585578

It will help to save the Mighty Barum Roar

So what else has been happening then? Firstly under the advisement of Colin Webber a band of volunteers have been busy keeping the pitch in good shape with the regular grass cutting and other necessities for all the pitches being carried out under the watchful gaze of Trevor Shaddick who along with the grounds is also leading the way on several other projects. New grass seed is on its way for sowing to continue to give us the best looking pitch in the league although it is a bit too dry to sow just yet. However thanks to Wright Commercial’s Tim Hickman who is not only enjoying a trip back to his past as he drives a tractor around the club most days chipping in with the grounds work but has also donated to the club a pallet tank, a 2 stroke pump and sprinkler system so the team can get water from the pallet tank pumped onto the pitch so the seed can be sown in time for the season.

Advanced Scaffolding have erected two sections of scaffolding for Stewart Chugg and his team of volunteers, don’t forget to give him a call if you can help to repair and renovate the stands trusses ensuring another thirty years or more wear and tear. In the clubhouse floor coverings and carpets were professionally cleaned and the timber flooring has also been sanded and polished ready for the new season. Howe carpets will be at the Clubhouse in June to do some much needed repairs on some of the carpeting, in particular the Presidents suite.

There are also improvements to the toilet systems especially the ladies as new toilets and a much needed improved water supply is fitted with Dave Sloman building the platform where the new water tanks will sit. Outside Max Faulkner and his son have been busy filling in all the potholes along the main drive and car parking areas as well as clearing the area of weeds. During all this time our very own Verity White and her daughter Rheanna have been busy deep cleaning the changing rooms ensuring they’re safe when training can resume.

So as you can see there has been a lot of work undertaken to try and get the club prepared for whenever rugby might make a comeback and a huge thank you to all the hard work and dedication by ALL the volunteers that have put in such a huge effort to try and make sure the club is at least ready and prepared for whenever the season restarts. However we still need more volunteers to help out, as they say many hands make lighter work, so if you can spare an hour or two to help out please give Stewart Chugg a call on 01271 343938 or his mobile 07415 585578.

Now before I sign off just a quick couple of announcements, firstly well done to Captain Winston James on winning the Players player of the year a well-deserved award for the Chiefs top try scorer of the season. Finally a very happy birthday to the Earl of Fremington Pete Rough who celebrated his 55th year on this planet yesterday. Until next time be safe and be patient, as soon as I know something concrete about when the season might start you will be the first to know.

Feel the Barum Spirit

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