Barnstaple Rugby Football Club announcement


We will be opening up the club and pitches for families and friends for drinks and food, provided by our award winning caterers Elite Catering, to celebrate the success of the 1st XV in winning the SW Premiership League and promotion to the National 2 League South on the following dates;

 Saturday 22nd August 2020, 2pm to 7pm

Saturday 29th August 2020, 2pm to 7pm

Saturday 5th September 2020, 2pm to 7pm


This will be run on a trial basis to assess the level of interest and to assess how well our Covid-19 processes work ahead of what we hope to be an important season in National 2 League South.

  • We are pleased to confirm the normal range of drinks will be available but in particular we will be serving draught Guinness, Carlsberg and Thatchers Gold
  • We will serve all drinks in single use plastic glasses
  • Numbers attending the event will be limited

Please book ahead of coming down via the following means;

  1. Email
  2. Text 07890441276


When booking, please provide the following information;

  • Name of main contact, contact email and/or telephone number
  • Number of people in party (including main contact)
  • Choice of food from menus below (if food is required), quote item number and quantity required

As you are aware we are emerging from the more restrictive constraints of lockdown, to provide bar, catering and events in order to encourage social interaction whilst at the same time ensuring that you as members, the officers who run the Club, and the staff remain safe. We want you to come and enjoy yourselves and celebrate the successes of last season knowing that we have done all we can to protect you and others from the potential for Covid-19 infection.

As a result, you will notice that when you arrive, there are some logistical and procedural changes in place. Please read carefully this brief list below of ‘must do’ and ‘must not’, abide by them and take your responsibility to others seriously. We can then all start to get back to enjoying a more normal rugby club atmosphere.


  • Book for events with email as advised, as only those booked in will be admitted (you must in your booking state clearly if you require food, and make an order from the menu)  
  • Enter the club by the designated entrance which will be signed 
  • Wash your hands with the sanitiser provided   
  • Then sign-in on the sheet provided and record your temperature (paper records are kept for only 21 days and then shredded)
  • Observe the one-way system at the Club 
  • Observe the rules about ordering drinks (queuing, collecting drinks, paying etc. as advised) if you are just using bar facilities and drinking outside.
  • You must sit at tables to consume food, which will be provided by waiter service 
  • Be aware that when you use the toilet facilities, it is good practice to ensure that a maximum of only 2 people are using them at the same time – please do not close windows which will be open for ventilation. You must wash and sanitise your hands after toilet use, and observe high levels of hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Observe Government guidelines which allow for only up to 6 people from different households or 2 households of any size, to be sitting at a table or standing in a group socialising. THIS HOWEVER MUST STILL BE WITH 1+METRE DISTANCING 


  • Attend an event at the Club if you are feeling unwell or have a raised temperature (above 37.8C or 100F). IN THAT CASE, PLEASE STAY AT HOME AND GET A TEST FOR CORONAVIRUS
  • Ignore social distancing rules (1+metre) 
  • Close doors and windows that have been deliberately left open to ensure good ventilation
  • Ignore signs for one-way system
  • Encourage rowdy behaviour or loud shouting/singing which can help spread droplets, potentially containing virus 
  • Ignore instructions or advice given by officers of the Club and the staff, which will solely be to ensure the safety and smooth operation of events.     

If we all enter into this individually with the right spirit and collectively with a sense of responsibility, then slowly more social events can be planned. Thanks for your attention to this important information, and come and enjoy celebrating with us. 

We look forward to seeing you at the club


Feel the Barum Spirit

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