Enthusiasts of the oval ball, and seekers of sporting thrills, a hearty welcome to the splendid dawning of a fresh and exhilarating chapter at the hallowed grounds of Pottington Road! As we stand poised on the cusp of this pulsating new season with brimming anticipation of a truly remarkable juncture in the annals of Barnstaple Rugby.

Brace yourselves for an odyssey that promises to redefine grit and glory as Barnstaple Rugby embarks on an epic odyssey. The spirit of Devon courses through the veins of this squad, pulsating with the fervour of the county’s finest talents, each a sparkling gem in the rugby firmament. In this cauldron of competition, these formidable athletes will not merely strive for victory, but shall do so with an unparalleled dash of youthful exuberance, a veritable infusion of vitality that promises to render every encounter an electrifying spectacle.

Hark, for this is a team united by an unwavering commitment to exhilarating rugby, each player a conductor in the grand symphony of skill and strategy, ready to craft moments of sheer brilliance on this sprawling canvas of verdant glory. Their hunger, palpable as the crackling energy in the air before a storm, propels them to play not just with might, but with a flair that shall light up this field like the constellations above.

So, ladies and gentlemen, let us collectively inhale the promise of what’s to come. Let our roars of support reverberate through the very marrow of their bones, for we are about to embark upon a journey that promises not just rugby, but a breath taking odyssey of human spirit and athletic brilliance. Welcome, one and all, to the epoch of Barnstaple Rugby’s triumphant resurgence!

Gather ’round ladies and gents as we prepare for an exhilarating showdown on this monumental day as the Chiefs begin their Regional 1 South West campaign, brace yourselves for an epic clash against Weston Super-Mare, sponsored today by Brewer, Harding, and Rowe, whose enduring support has made this spectacle possible.

But wait, before we dive into the riveting team updates, let’s share some exciting news that’s bound to keep your rugby spirits soaring all month long, including the brand-new Barnstaple Rugby Membership Scheme.

introducing the brand-new Barnstaple rugby membership scheme! Brace yourselves for a slew of benefits, from exclusive deals at our beloved local stores in the heart of the town centre to a trove of perks that come with being a cherished member of our rugby family.

The new memberships for 2023/24 season are now live and ready for you to grab with eager anticipation for the coming season and to make it a more streamlined membership we have decided to remove several layers and there is now just one membership plan for Barnstaple rugby which is simply a FULL MEMBERSHIP and will last from 1st August 2023 to 31st July 2024. We have also introduced a heavily discounted Married Couples Membership. The prices are as follows:

Full Membership – £100 (£90 for over 65s)

Married Couples Membership (2 x Full Memberships) – £170

Senior Player Membership (Full Membership and eligible for selection) – £130

In addition to the usual benefits we always have, there is also a Barnstaple Members Scheme which on producing your card a certain local business you will get a discount on your purchases.

The Lemon Tree Café at 10 Holland Walk– 10% off when you spend over £5 on production of a valid Barnstaple RFC Membership Card.

BeerMatters at 7 Tuly Street – Ask (Simon or his team) for discount when you are there.

Harrys Café at 3 Bear Street – 10% off on production of a valid Barnstaple RFC Membership Card.

Craftys Bar and Restaurant at 15-16 Butchers Row – 10% off if you spend £30 + and produce your Barnstaple RFC Membership Card.

Specsavers – Gammon Walk – 10% discount on purchases on production of a valid Barnstaple RFC Membership Card.

There are more hopefully on the way but a great start to the Scheme and I’m sure will grow stronger with each season. Don’t forget the other benefits of becoming a member with the following.

The prestige of being a member of the Premier sports club in North Devon.

Be a shareholder of the Club with a right to vote at the AGM.

Discounted entry to games for Spouse (£9).

Free entry to all league matches.

Free Parking and Match Day program.

25% discount for club hire.

Be eligible to apply to enter a ballot for international tickets (Note: due to restricted numbers of ticket allocations, not every application will be successful).

So what are you waiting for don’t hesitate, jump right in, and prepare yourself for a fantastic season.

For full details and the link to the membership form click this link 2023/24 MEMBERSHIP

A great opportunity to grab some friends and enjoy a luscious 2 course meal before the game against Devonport, and then to round off the evening watch England v Chile followed by Ireland v South Africa on the big screen


Now, back to the heart-pounding action that awaits us today. The Chiefs are ready to put their mettle to the test, facing off against their familiar foes, Weston Super-Mare. The stage is set, the atmosphere is charged, and the fans are roaring in anticipation. This clash promises nothing short of pure rugby brilliance.

The Chiefs are on fire, my friends! Their pre-season couldn’t have been any better, setting the stage for an exhilarating match ahead. Just a fortnight ago, they showcased their dominance with an awe-inspiring eight-try spectacle against the Hornets. Now, I hear you, some of the Hornets’ key players were sidelined, which certainly shook up the dynamics. But let’s not forget, the Chiefs weren’t at full strength either. A few heavyweights were missing from action, and surprise, surprise – three tries were even delivered by last season’s Colts! This, my dear viewers, well deserved victory between two evenly matched teams, setting the tone for a promising season to come.

But wait, there’s more! The Chiefs have held onto their seasoned players from the previous season, creating an exquisite blend of experience with a rich history in National rugby and the vibrancy of youth as this is still a young team by any stretch of the imagination. This team is a force to be reckoned with, armed not only with experience but also the vigour of youth – a combination that’s destined to pay dividends in the weeks and seasons ahead. Those legs, my friends, they’ve got plenty of miles left in them!

And that’s not all. Brace yourselves for a wave of new faces joining the Chiefs’ senior squad this season. Imagine this: a staggering 11 senior colts from the previous season have bravely stepped up to the plate, embracing the transition to senior rugby. Now, yes, their initial battles might be fought with Barnstaple Athletic as they acclimatize to the rigours of senior play. But mark my words, ladies and gentlemen, there’s an undeniable wealth of talent within this group. Don’t be taken aback when you witness some of these rising stars making their way to the Chiefs’ roster over the course of the season. It’s like watching the birth of greatness right before our eyes.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there, folks. We’ve got a special addition all the way from Northern Ireland – none other than Ben Beattie, a name that’s already creating ripples. With the sponsorship of the esteemed David Northridge of Abercorn Surveyors, Ben Beattie is making waves at scrum half while diligently pursuing his law studies at Exeter University. Talk about talent and dedication hand in hand!

Hold on tight, because there’s more good news. Returning to the Chiefs’ fold several familiar face including Kyran McManus and Ross Swales, both of whom took a gap year last season. Their re-entry is like a shot of adrenaline for the squad, adding depth, experience, and undoubtedly, an extra layer of firepower to the mix.

So, dear viewers, there you have it – the Chiefs’ grand tapestry of ambition, talent, and dedication as they prepare to conquer the rugby world once again. The stage is set, the excitement is palpable, and we’re in for one heck of a season. Stay tuned, because the Chiefs are about to unleash a rugby spectacle like no other!

And to that end here is your Chiefs team to face Weston Super-Mare


barnstaple ATHLETIC 

Following on from last seasons tremendous finish in Athletics inaugural year at competitive rugby, finishing 3rd in the Counties 2 Tribute Devon league, it is now time to go full throttle and better that placing, which I’m sure Luke Berry is eager to try and achieve, especially as the Tics were just 4 points adrift of that 2nd place. Of course, second and third seasons can be rougher waters as the opposition knows more of what to expect from their opposition, so to do Athletic who will go into this season with a much more experienced eye as to what to expect in competitive rugby and what they need to achieve success.

Athletic begin this season on the road for their first two games, the first of which is against newly promoted Plymouth Argaum and then next weekend to more familiar territory and a difficult encounter at Ivybridge. Both games will have their challenges and the Tic’s will need to be on the ball if they have aspirations of a top two place, which is well within their grasp given that both teams above them last season, Torquay and runaway champions Tavistock, were beaten when they visited Pottington Road.

Luke Berry is joined by Scott Warren on his coaching staff which is a very welcomed addition and will provide Luke with a lot of valuable support, as well as benefitting the new batch of former Colts who will no doubt play a majority of their first season in senior rugby for the Tic’s, thus providing a regular supply of talent right through the ranks of Barnstaple Rugby.

It won’t be long though before you get to see Athletic on home soil and there doesn’t appear to be any long stretches of the team on the road like last season. September 16th is when they grace Pottington Road for the first time this season and will be facing our friends from South Molton. Kick off is 2.30pm and let’s get a really big crowd up for this one, Athletics games last season were an absolute joy to watch with some real excitement and flair on display, if you love your rugby, you will not want to miss these games.

Here then is the Athletic team to face Plymouth Argaum

Bucc’s and Colts

The Buccaneers were so close to success last season taking everyone apart to top their Devon Merit Table 1 NE including 8 clean sheets. Unfortunately in the final of the Dave Butt Cup, they were just pipped in a very close game against Kingsbridge II at Cullompton losing by just three points 29-26. Not bad for their first year after reforming and they have it all to do again.

They begin with a bus ride to Ilfracombe this weekend before three consecutive home fixture beginning on 16th September against South Molton 2ndXV, 23rd against Bideford 2nd XV and finally the following week Ilfracombe on the return leg before a well earned fortnights rest.

As for the Colts it’s another new season and another influx of 1st year Colts to initiate. Last season was another close call for Lewis Joce and his team, losing out in the Devon Merit Shield to a very well organised Topsham. A late second half comeback got the lads to within three points but ultimately the Topsham lead was just too far and Barnstaple lost 22-19. Despite that result the Colts did have a modicum of revenge when they beat Topsham in the Devon Colts 7’s 39-12 finishing of a great year producing some exciting. Hopefully this season will prove to be as fruitful if not more so.

The Colts begin their campaign with one of the hardest test they could have found this Saturday as they take on Ivybridge Colts at home. Then next weekend you will have another chance to see them against Newton Abbot Colts as they, thankfully, have a much fuller schedule of fixtures than last season, to get their campaign underway.

Below is their team to face Ivybridge

So, without further ado, let’s gear up for a rollercoaster of a match that’ll have us on the edge of our seats from start to finish. It’s a battle of wills, a symphony of skill, and a celebration of sportsmanship that will echo through the annals of time. The Chiefs versus Weston Super-Mare – let the games begin!


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