Welcome to 2024/25 season


Hello to all Barnstaple RFC current members, future members and loyal supporters. My name is John “Spike” Sloley and most of you will recognise me as the Honorary Secretary of our Club. However, I also retain the additional role as the Club’s Membership Secretary until another willing volunteer steps forward to take on the exciting and hugely rewarding role.

As the Membership Secretary, my core functions are to manage our membership numbers and maintain them in line with RFU directive. It goes without saying that we are also driven to grow our membership numbers to fully reflect the outstanding status of our club.  After all, Barnstaple RFC
must surely be the premier sports club in North Devon so why not become a part of that famous “Barum Spirit.”

We will do our very best to provide you all with regular updates throughout the season. The Committee as a whole and will be will be communicating as widely as possible using all of the electronic media available to us (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc). However, I am mindful that not everyone has access to IT, Mobile Devices, etc. Therefore, we will use the good old Royal Mail too!

Be assured that all of our Playing Members, regardless of grade or age, are hugely
excited at the prospect of pulling on that Barnstaple RFC shirt and showing the
opposition what “feeling that Barum Spirit” actually means. Together we have thrilling
times ahead and hope that you all have a great time watching great rugby at a great

Please contact me if you have any questions.


As you are all acutely aware, the current economic climate means the operating costs in running the Club have raised significantly. Therefore, we have been forced to increase Membership for the coming season. Please remain mindful that the increases are the first for a number of Seasons so we hope you will accept this as an absolute necessity. The new pricing will be as follows:

  • Standard Membership (under 65 years of age) – £110.
  • OAP Membership (over 65s) – £100.
  • Couples Membership – £190 (note: "couples" indicate those married or joined by a Civil Union).
  • Senior Player Membership (1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd and Colts) – £130 (unless full sponsorship is obtained)

All the above said, given that we have introduced an entry fee of £5 to watch Athletic, becoming a member or renewing your membership makes great economic sense as you can save nearly £80 (on a Standard Membership) over the course of the season and watch quality rugby every weekend!! The savings are even greater for Couples or OAP Membership holders. In addition, every Members will benefit from the following:

The prestige of being a member of the Premier sports club in North Devon.

  • Be a shareholder of the Club with a right to vote at the AGM.
  • Free entry to EVERY league game (Note: we still need to charge entry for Devon RFU Cup games as gate income is split 3 ways between the home team, the away team and Devon RFU).
  • 25% discount for club hire.
  • Be eligible to apply to enter a ballot for International tickets (Note: due to restricted numbers of ticket allocations, not every application will be successful.)

The club continually works with local business in order to broaden discount opportunities. I will ensure that you are updated as more opportunities arise. Indeed, if you are in a position to offer fellow members any discount off goods or Services you/your company offer then please do let me know. To secure your membership then please follow the simple steps below:

  • Click on the Membership Application on the left hand side of this page and
    complete the Form. Once all of the details have been completed then simply
    submit the form.
  • The preferred payment method is vi BACS (a bank transfer). Therefore, if you
    can then you MUST complete a BACS once you have completed the online
    Membership Application Form.
  • Once the funds are in our bank, a Membership Card will be made for you which can be picked up from the Club at the next Home game.
  • If you cannot do a BACS transfer, then manual Membership Forms will be available at the Club. You can pay across the bar using either cash or card.

If you are a Committee Member or Club Volunteer then BESPOKE Membership Forms will be made available to you at the Club.

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